Most Incredible Museums to Visit in Queensland Brisbane

Brisbane offers some incredible museums which you must visit by getting your Qatar Airways online booking Pakistan done. From an educational perspective, researches confirm the benefits of visiting museums.
But ask any child – and they want to play. So, you can have both in the museums put together in Queensland for you.

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is home to the largest and most diverse collection documenting its rich natural and cultural heritage. Conveniently located in the South Bank cultural district, a visit to the Queensland Museum is a must for Brisbane and locals alike. It is the best place to get an insight into Queensland’s past, present, and future.

The museum consists of three permanent and changing exhibitions that are open to the general public. You can discover the undoubted charm of the state by discovering Queensland, walk in the shoes of the three Victoria Cross winners, enter the courage of men, etcetera.

QAGOMA Art Gallery

The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) should be a must, whether you are visiting Brisbane or living in a sunny state. This gallery became an institution in Brisbane and is one of the leaders of contemporary art in Australia, Asia, and the Pacific.

With an impressive permanent collection, ever-changing exhibitions, a children’s art center, cinemas, and cafes, it is a unique cultural experience.

MacArthur Museum

Visit the office of General Douglas MacArthur, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces during World War II, and sit behind a desk where strategies for winning the war have been devised. You can also experience life in Brisbane during the dark days of the war, when people feared the city might be attacked, public air raid shelters in the streets, and children wore badges.

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Maritime Museum

It’s hard to miss the impending shadow of the Queensland Museum at the Cultural Center, but on your next visit, there’s another South Bank museum worth seeing. If you don’t stroll the Goodwill Bridge often or don’t enjoy your heart on River Quay (guilty), you may have missed the Maritime Museum at the north end of the South Bank.

Metro Arts

Metro Arts Brisbane showcases contemporary art in various forms on five floors of a historic building in the Brisbane CBD. You will find local artists living in residence, at exhibitions, events, performances, forums, and more. It’s a crucible of creativity, and the gallery is open to the public to come in and enjoy it for free.

While there, drop by the Metro Arts Espresso and enjoy coffee and popular delicacies with funding from a café supporting Australian art. But you can be a part of all of this by taking Qatar Airways online booking done.

Cobb+Co Museum

The children probably won’t trust you when you let them know a period before the planes, trains, and vehicles, so a visit to the National Carriage Collection in Cobb + Co in Toowoomba may astonish them. There are 47 horse-drawn vehicles on display, all of which have played an integral role in the history of Queensland. But it doesn’t just stop at the wagons.

Children can play dress up in old-world costumes, work in the Old Museum General Store, or learn about Diprotodon at the Megafauna exhibition. Once they find out what Diprotodon is, blow their minds away with a 500kg Goanna called Megalania that roamed the Darling Downs ten thousand years ago.

Museum of Underwater Art

The Museum of Underwater Art unveils the long-awaited one-of-a-kind underwater art gallery showcasing the conservation, education, and renovation of reefs. It is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere, designed by world-famous underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. The installations can be visited on Palm Island and The Strand so get your masks ready.

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North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum

The award-winning North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum (NSIHM) is a modest museum located in the small town of Dunwich. Accessible only by boat from Brisbane. Visit the “Straddie” to discover this cultural island and its peculiar museum.

Loaded up with perpetual presentations on the Quandamooka public that assumed a function in the island’s initial. After visiting the museum, the entire island awaits you, including lakes, parks, and gorgeous beaches.

Old Petrie Town

As we learned from Grandpa Simpson, it’s hard not to smile at the good ‘back on my day’ yarn. In Old Petrie Town, you don’t just listen to tales of moons and shillings. You will be able to explore this restored historic village.

Spreading over a massive 48 acres, it is unlike any Brisbane museum you’ve seen before. See the old school, city milk bar, and even vintage cars driving the streets.


Brisbane is not considered the cultural center of Australia. It is home to many amazing museums and galleries where visitors can experience their culture. If you want to know more about Queensland, you have to get your Qatar Airways online booking done right now.

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