The Coronavirus Has Taken A Heavy Toll On The Global Oil Market


Coronavirus had started in China, but now, it has spread to all the countries. Apart from taking the lives of thousands of people. The virus has also taken a heavy toll on global businesses related to oil, gold, and minerals.


Gold prices on the domestic market fell by Rs600 per ton on Thursday. According to the particulars, the price of precious yellow metal tola dropped to Rs 94,400, while the 10-gram price was reduced by Rs 514 to Rs 80,932.

Gold has contributed to concerns about the economic bad impact of the coronavirus outbreak, as the United States suspended travel by the hit virus, even though gains have fallen, as traders cover margin calls after a wave of comparisons.

Gold Spot rose 0658 GMT to $ 0.237.33 an ounce. US gold futures declined 0.3% to $ 1,637.20.

Earlier on March 9, the price of yellow metal per capita fell to Rs94,400, while 10 grams of Rs342 to Rs80,932. On the world market, gold prices rose above $ 1,700 an ounce for the first time in more than seven years today, reflecting a stock market trajectory reflecting concerns about a growing coronavirus outbreak and its economic impact has pushed investors towards safe assets. You can get trending news from this website.

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