Mahira Khan Representing a New Pakistani Women Generation

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani Actress; she has done many projects in Pakistan. Mahira Khan has been winning many hearts of millions of people with her stunning looks and tremendous acting in all over the Pakistan. She has the real beauty face in Pakistani celebrities. Mahira Khan has also done many Pakistani dramas which is most popular all around the world and she has found a lot of fame from a beautiful fan.

Verna’s latest 33-year-old offering was released in November last year, after quite a few controversies and bans. The film – which follows the story of a rape victim in her quest for revenge – proved a courageous condemnation of the way Pakistani citizens are treated. ‘I’m nervous about how it works as a film and about the performances, but about the subject? No, because I’m next to it, ‘said Mahira in a recent interview with The Guardian but after this, I have to build confidence himself.

Yes, Verna would be devastated by the decision of a small minority, but they were not banned because they usually held up for the movie.

Verna is participating in the #Me-too campaign. And shortly after the film was released, Pakistan was shocked by the rape and subsequent murder of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari in Kasur. “The whole country is off the street. Everyone is angry and wants justice. There is not enough education, and we still humiliate the victims and talk about the issue of family honor. Pakistan is ready to change. “

Best Opinion of Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has worked with Shahrukh Khan who is the Bollywood star in India and gained popularity from all over the world. The Raees star also talked about her college years in the US, which she described as an important experience. Your perception of things has changed. I come from a safe, friendly environment. There I am exposed to people of all walks of life; it made me a more tolerant person. “

As a divorced single mother, Mahira describes herself as “an anomaly in Pakistan” and hopes to break the glass ceiling for other women. The only reason people because they don’t give enough time to find out is all of them: “Have you heard of someone who was raped in Pakistan?

“This makes me feel like I am not just representing, I represent every woman in Pakistan which is facing an of this problem. I can’t wear a hijab or make the same choices, but there is a whole spectrum of women in Pakistan and I represent them,” concludes the star.

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