What Know Before Travel from Islamabad to Dubai

Islamabad and Dubai both are well established and top destinations in their country. Islamabad is a popular tourist spot in Pakistan. The valley of the mountain’s city is located on the Potohar Plateau; you can witness its calm, greenery, timberland, parks, peaceful, breathtaking views and magnificent architecture, while the main reason of its excellence and the constant beauty is, it is strict about its laws and the rules as same the Dubai city never compromised with its local regulations and laws.

When we talk about UAE’s stunning city that is the true westernize city in the Middle East, no need to introduction because you already hear so much about this hard-working, while it mystical city is famous nowadays on the Planet, due to its, lavish shopping Malls, awe-inspiring architecture, iconic landmarks, nightlife scenes, high rise buildings, unique collection’s museums, luxurious resorts, Ultra modern hotels, grand beaches or man-made Island’s masterpieces and wonderful aquariums and a lot of further attractions.

That’s why; the millions of the tourists are flocked from Islamabad to Dubai with the dedication throughout the year. Before plan the next trip to Dubai from the capital of Pakistan must know below information, it gives you a rewarding experience during the travel.

Dubai Visit Visa:

Dubai is the most favorite place of the Pakistanis; they want to travel to Dubai to spend holidays and for the working terms. If you also want to visit Dubai as a tourist, then you should apply for the visit visa, then you are able to move anywhere in Dubai and spend your vacations without any legal inquiries.  

Dubai Visit Visa Requirements:

  • Visit visa must be standard type visa and visa valid for the future six months. 
  • The four to five days are required to complete the visa process. 
  • Visitors should have the return tickets with an authentic passport.

Fly to Dubai:

Fly to Dubai is the foremost point, that should be clear in the traveler’s mind because know-how regarding the destinations make your stress reduces and gives you the calm journey. The spectacular city receives approximately more than 10 million visitors around a year. The passengers take flight From the Islamabad International Airport for the landing to the Dubai International airports. The regular flights take passengers from the green valley city and finally landed them into the heart of the UAE. 

Travel Duration between both destinations:

Both destinations, travel duration is pretty and the comfortable because you can cover this time period on the plane within the almost two couples of the hours and if you want to cover is less than two couples of hours, then the Emirates Airline is a perfect selection to approach the Dubai because this airline provides its quick services to the UAE cities with the entertaining travelling. From the Islamabad, Emirates flights take passengers on a daily basis to land at the Dubai fly traffic hub. 

Suitable Weather For Trip:

Obviously, no one can perfectly know about the other cities or countries weather, whenever did not collect the exact sources weather updates, but as the Dubai has become the global tourist’s hotspot, so, the majority of the traveller knows about its weather. Due to the Dessert surrounding land, Dubai only has two kinds of weather hot and hotter, and when you are moving from that place which has the four smooth season, then it becomes challenging to adjusting in Dessert’s climate.

The October to the April months are known as the cool months in the city, and it allows the blue skies and the offering the beach picnics under the cool breeze. Anyhow, you can travel to Dubai in both seasons because it has a lot of attraction places which protecting you the sweating feeling, while the winter duration is perfect to land there from Islamabad. 

Look Towards Stay Options:

Yes, staying place must select and reserve at the first because as Dubai is becoming the most visited destination. So, it will become a little bit difficult for you if you did not reserve your place in advance due to the crowd of the outsiders or the holidaymakers.

But, it’s not challenging because the city of the artificial Island is the home of multiple comforts and exotic night clubs, luxurious apartments, high rise buildings and futuristically designed hotels which gives you the complete accommodation and fulfil your wish. You should remove your staying worries, by selecting below anyone hotel and must reserve it in advance with the air-tickets. 

  1. The Burj Al Arab
  2. Raffles Dubai
  3. Armani Hotel 
  4. Park Hyatt Dubai Palazzo Versace Dubai 
  5. Atlantis the Palm 
  6. One&Only The Palm Dubai
  7. Holiday Inn Festival City hotel
  8. Rove Downtown hotel
  9. Damac Maison Dubai Mall Street apartment
  10. City Premiere Hotel Apartments 

Culture in Dubai:

The culture of Islam revolves around the Arab’s tradition and the religion of Islam. Therefore, it is strict according its rituals, term and conditions. Alcohol is not allowed in the public area, just a few registered tourist clubs having Alcohol. The dress modesty should be decent, don’t carry shorts and sleeveless shirts.

In fact, the public area affection is also considered the crime and you will be arrested. Always show respect to the local laws and the traditions. If you want to enjoy your trip flawlessly, then just do respect Dubai’s laws and to meet the history of the Dubai in a clear understanding, you should visit the cultural institutions, such as Etihad Museum, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and the Dubai Museum. 

Scrumptious Dubai food:

Are you curious to know about what is on Dubai’s platter for you? Definitely, the continuing fast-growing city has offered you the inspiring foods, and the most pleasure point is that the Dubai’s cuisine is taken from the Asian, Middle East, Iranian, and Lebanese and Arabic food.

After this Dubai cuisine combination, it leaves you craving more to eat again and again. The traditional locals use the meat in almost dishes to enhance their luscious flavour. Dubai cuisine stores something for you either you are vegetarians or non-vegetarians. So, take a glimpse at the delightful dishes that will make your growl with hunger. 

  • Chelo Kebab
  • Tabbouleh (salad for the vegetarian)
  • Fattoush (healthy freak)
  • Falafel (a deep-fried chickpea ball)
  • Manouchehr (flatbread, filled with exotic toppings like salty Akkawi cheese, earthy zaatar herbs, and olive oil)
  • Al Harees (Wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt) traditional food
  • Al Machboos (Rice, onions, and meat, seasoned with spices, salt, and dried lemon)
  • Tabbouleh (rice with carrots, currants, raisins, chicken, and nuts)
  • Shawarma (true Dubai dish)
  • Knafeh (cheese pastry)

Tourist’s attractions:

When you land at the Dubai airport from the Islamabad airport, then this iconic city gives you chances to experience the multiple activities like, Skydiving, Desert Safari, Reef diving, wakeboarding, kiteboarding and live concert, etc. The barren land city is flaunting with the glittering infrastructure and known for its tallest towers, lavish skylines and all break record attractions. So, you will overwhelm yourself with its futuristic attractions and ancient traditions. 

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj al-Arab
  • Bastakia
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Dubai Frame
  • Heritage and Diving Village
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dubai Opera
  • Bollywood Parks
  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Weekend days:

In the Islamabad the weekend considered the Saturday and Sunday, while in Dubai, the weekend starting from Friday and Thursday is considered the last working day, in these days, the attractions sit and the dining out places, nightclubs, restaurants and the cruise activity filled with the huge crowd because both origin eastern and the western came out to enjoy the moments with family and loved one to get some element after the busiest and hectic working days.

In the weekend the Malls and the other night making vibrant sources till open the early morning to entertain the visitors. To become a part of the long weekend in the modern technology city just pay the affordable PIA Ticket Price and immerse you in DXB. 


Dubai has evolved over the years to maintain its records of the highest visitors annually, and it is the prestigious tourist’s attraction destination because it enticing visitors from around the globe and the largest amount from Pakistan to entertain them by its marvellous attraction and the blend of ancient and futuristic technology time. 

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