Why Should Islamabad Be On Your Travel List?

Pakistan, with the most striking cultural, has countless religious and historical sites worth visiting, from Karachi, Lahore to Islamabad. You can take Lahore to Islamabad flights as well as for Karachi whenever you desire. However, the capital of Pakistan receives the highest awards for being the most beautiful and amazing city. Before Karachites and Lahoris attack me with the debate about which city is the best, let’s explain one thing: all cities have their own set of attractions and disadvantages that make them equally unique.

But what makes this city so special, stunning, and unique is that the capital endows with breathtaking natural wonders and great infrastructure that is an additional attraction for foreigners and tourists. This aspect makes it an extremely attractive and exciting place to visit. The Margala hills half surround Isb. These green hills are arranged so beautifully into the city. It is hard to imagine a metropolitan city at the foot of hills and forests, which is why this city is becoming only one of a kind in Pakistan.

The Margala Hills in Islamabad

Margala Hills can be seen almost everywhere in this city, starting from the moment you land here. Roads through the Margala hills also serve as a charming gateway from the Punjab province to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. These mesmerizing hills are not the only green or natural scenery you’ll see in Islamabad. It is also known for its abundant greenery due to its rainy tropical climate. Margala hills double the beauty of Isb, and many people around the globe take cheap air tickets to visit Islamabad for this.

Safest City of Islamabad, Pakistan

Since Islamabad is the seat of government in Pakistan, the city is, by default, the focal point of perfect security and law and order facilities. The physical size of the capital (about 906 sq. Km) Facilitates monitoring and regulating the security of citizens and tourists. There is no need to think twice before setting out for a midnight walk or driving even on the quietest roads.

Islamabad Culture and Lifestyle

Islamabad is the only city in Pakistan with the highest literacy rate of almost 98%. There are many privileged educational institutions. It is not the only thing, the best health care, and business facilities, and that’s why this city is known for being a place with a high standard of living. How is this supposed to interest travelers? Thanks to this lifestyle, the population of Isb is hardworking and hardworking, and at the same time, friendly. They never lose the chance to carry out their plans and sip the joy of this city. Thanks to the openness and great heart of the inhabitants of Islamabad. People from all over the world can easily adapt to them.  If you take Lhr to Isb flights, upon your reaching, you will feel the difference between Islamabad and any other city of Pakistan in terms of beauty and cleanliness.

There are people from all over Pakistan who live there and therefore mix culture. Islamabad focuses mainly on the culture of Pakistan, which is highly respected. From the Lok Virsa Museum to the Historical Museum, from the Bari Imam Shrine to Golra Shrine, from Rawat Fort to Parhwal Fort, Islamabad combines a cycle of modernity, tradition, and archeology.

There Are Plenty of Museums

There are many museums in the city for lovers of history and nature. For those seeking the pictorial history of Islamabad. A photography museum in the village of Saidpur that has chronicled the city for centuries. The Lok Virsa Museum presents the culture of Pakistan; Golra Sharif Heritage Museum tells about the country’s railways; The Pakistan Natural History Museum offers insight into local flora and fauna. The Pakistani Monument Museum contains wax figurines about the Pakistani movement.


Whether you’re looking for luxury local and foreign brands or looking for cultural artifacts and handicrafts that you can take home, you’ll find it all in Islamabad. In addition to Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall, you can find something for yourself in various markets around the city. F-6 Markaz and the picturesque village of Saidpur are particularly popular as high-quality souvenirs. Many people from middle Punjab take cheap air tickets to Islamabad just for the sake of shopping for special events such as Eid and public festivals.

Four Seasons

Not all cities in Pakistan are lucky to witness the change of seasons, and summer and winter dominate the whole country throughout the year. On the other hand, Islamabad hosts blazing years, balsamic springs, slender ash, and cold winters, as well as a month or two of monsoon rains. Pakistan Tourists usually plan a visit to the city during milder seasons.

Modern Architecture

Among the historically rich and ancient architectural cities of Pakistan, Islamabad also does not give architecture. The only difference is that it provides modern architecture and the history of a somewhat modern era for Pakistan. One of the tallest buildings in Pakistan, the Saudi tower in this capital city, is an example of modern architecture with an admixture of traditional practices. Besides, Pakistan Monument and The Faisal Mosque must also visit attractions full of ideas and valuable times of Pakistan.
In addition to these amazing giant buildings of the Centaurus Shopping Center, World Trade Center, Secretariat, and National Assembly, they represent modern architecture in all their glory.

Greenery and Cleanliness

One thing you can’t miss when visiting Islamabad is how green this city is! The green will hypnotize and stay in your head long after you leave. While Lahore are covered with huge billboards and buildings, Islamabad is decorated with lush green scenery all the time.


Islamabad offers plenty of options for those who prefer to explore at a calm pace without having to schedule their traffic. With all these facts and reasons, Islamabad surely is unavoidable, so plan your next trip to Islamabad by getting cheap tickets.

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