The effects of COVID 19 Pandemic on Travel

The recent outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic has forced every person in the world to some form of lockdown. With all sealed borders and any form of transportation stopped, the journey was ended.

Travel enthusiasts and explorers around the world have the same question: will we travel again? If so, how? Travel will change after Coronavirus is locked. The things that have always been given to us will never be the same again. In this article we discuss the future effects of the COVID 19 travel pandemic.

Where to go after Coronavirus Lockdown

Now the question arises where can we travel after the closure of the Corona virus? International travel is best to forget this year. Or travel far and wide. We cannot say with certainty when the locks will expire and every place; Depending on the severity of the pandemic, the city or country will have a different closing schedule. First, start traveling to local places in your city. After that, once the state borders are opened, you can visit other places in your country. I will also explore places around my city of Pune.

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Warn travelers

Even after the lockdowns ended, the threat of the coronavirus was not. We have to get used to living with the deadly virus. And for this we will have to make some changes in our lives and our habits. All future trips, national or international, will not be contacted. Caution is advised when eating in local food outlets. It took us a while to safely trust and enjoy Street Food. Hygiene and personal hygiene when traveling are the most important things.

Travel industry

This is definitely a difficult time for travel companies and travel agents. These times will really test your patience. But it is better to wait and see how it all works out. After pandemics and locks, travel enthusiasts will definitely come back to you.

For travel bloggers, now is the time to slow down and enjoy other aspects of life. This crisis allows you to explore a number of other places like living, eating, etc. on your blogs. When times change, we all go out again.

Natural and tourist areas

Coronavirus has undoubtedly become a boon for nature and tourist areas. All inside their houses, 24 × 7 tourist spots are empty all year round. But it also serves as a warning to us humans to take in the future. Sustainable travel is the only way forward. We must ensure that we do not endanger the natural resources of the place we visit.

Travel virtually

Virtual travel is the best way to travel today. You can sit comfortably at home and visit fantastic destinations around the world. It takes a few clicks online and an internet connection. From courses on the Colosseum and Roman architecture to virtual tours offered by leading museums, most are free. And even if some fees are charged, they are less than the actual costs that can be incurred if you actually visit the place. You can also search for your favorite songs and post on YouTube. You can also read some fantastic travel books or watch Netflix and major series like – Our Planet, Blue Planet, The Strange Stone, etc.

Important points

For now it is important to relax and slow down at home. And don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. Keep your body and mind healthy. And if you have breathing problems, a sore throat, a cold, or a fever, get medical help right away.

That said, we need to prepare physically and emotionally to travel again. It took a while before it all came out again. And if you are brave, you can get great discounts from tour companies, hotels, etc.

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