Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers- Creative and Talented

This article contains a list of Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers that have received millions of fans who followed their Tiktok account through their video content.

A decade ago, recreational resources for youth watched cartoons or TV series as they indulged in their favorite snacks, play stations with friends, and evenings with outdoor games. But in the emerging world, every second, in the modern age of this technology, the internet has taken over and is now an integral part of our lives. Thousands of social networking apps ensure that our teens never stop content, be it memes, instant life, tweets or videos and Tiktok is one of them.

Tiktok is a video creating social application that allows users to upload short contrast videos with background music, lip sync, transformation functions, endless function filters and most of all background dialogues. This successful application has received over 500 million downloads worldwide and is a trending application in Pakistan.

Pakistani children are treated in this application more than ever, showcasing their talents through their videos and gaining millions of followers for their amazing acting and entertainment skills. Content. With Tiktok’s stars growing rapidly in Pakistan, it is a tough competition for young people to maintain their position among top users and the list is constantly updated.

The current list of “Top 10 Pakistani detectives” goes as follows:

1. Jannat Mirza:

21-year-old art student Jannat Mirza tops the list and is best followed by the Pakistani Tiktok star with 7.1 million followers on his Tiktok account @jannatmirza. Accused of her stunning looks and dress, Jannat is from Faislabad, but is currently moving to Japan to continue her journalism career.

2. Zulqarnain Sikandar

Known for his funny videos, Zulqarnain Sikandar or ch.zulqarnain25 in Tiktok, was in second place on the list of “top 10 most followed by Pakistani Tokers” with current followers of 6.2 M. Believing Gujrat, the 22 year old Vlogger and this actor has been praised by his followers for his strong expressions and certainly has a bright future in showbiz.

3. Kanwal Aftab

@ Kanwal.135 in Tiktok follows Zulqarnain with 6 followers. In addition to BS, mass communication student, Kanwal Aftab also pursues a career in acting and modeling at many online brands.

4. Malik Usman Asim

@Usman asim66, known as #famousmolvi in Tiktok holds the place in Pakistan’s “Top 10 TikTokers” list with 5.8 M followers. Humor in most of his videos…

5. Areeka Haq

The beautiful young tennis player Areeka Haq is fifth after Usman Asim with 5.3 million followers on her Tiktok account @areeka__haq. 20-year-old Areeka is the first Karachi best known in tattoos and has huge admiration for her surprising expression game.

6. Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum, brother of the leading Pakistani detective Jannat Mirza, is in sixth place in the “Top 10 Pakistani detectives”. Among 5.2 million followers on his tweets account @alishbaanjum.

7. Seher Hayat

The beautiful beauty of the Punjab, Seher Hayat or @seher-life in ticks follows Alishba with 5 followers. Seher loves her great dress and has been called to many morning shows as well.

8. Dolly Fashion

The blonde hair @dollyfashionicon in Tiktok follows the list of 4.5 million followers. As the name implies, dolly has a unique meaning in fashion and is seen occasionally giving tips to her followers.

9. Mehak Malik

@Mehakmalikofficial578 follows the dolly with followers of 4.3 M. Believing in Punjab province, Mehak is a transgender dancer, detective and actor on stage.

10. Phoolllu

Last but not least, @phoolllu from tiktok deserves 10th on the list of “top 10 most followed by Pakistani detectives.” The lack of rural population or lack of education did not stop him from showing his desire for action and

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