Top 7 Delicious Food Places in Lahore You Should Visit This Season

If you want to explore the Lahore city, just Book Air Blue Cheap Flights to the tourism. A city is the cultural capital of Asia and heart of Pakistan, which boasts art, culture and history to offer lots of that makes it the most popular city in Pakistan. It has deep roots in to antiquity period, and has seen many empires that have shaped its traditions today. 

The “Lahore” is known as the epicenter of tourism with food. Food is as its main attraction among historical landmarks, gardens, mosques, and other places. You’ll see ample people having all time cravings for food.

It isn’t wrong to say that Lahore is the food paradise because your trip to Lahore is incomplete, if you will not taste the local cuisine. There are plenty of great eateries and restaurants that offer lip-smacking food items. There compiled a list of top food places in Lahore that are perfect for dining in town, the roadside food or on the five star restaurant rooftop. This list is suitable for the overseas foreigners, domestic travelers or the locals as well and you easily book air blue cheap flights.

1. Café Aylanto:

Café Aylanto is situated in MM Alam Road. The restaurant has unique specialties must try out a range of Mediterranean, Continental and other International recipes. The main course classic Moroccan chicken and other each item is fabulous in taste. The must try a restaurant in Lahore. You will be charmed with the artwork in the form of interior décor and overall soothing environment of this Café gives you the ultimate comfort to dine in peace.

2. The Poet Boutique Restaurant:

The poet restaurant is located near the Minar e Pakistan at the Walled city Lahore. The name of this eating place already refers you something tradition that belongs to the past. Yes, this poet boutique offers the food that reminds you the Mughal era. All interior set up is same like the royal families eating style. In fact, the entire set up is the replica of the subcontinent and Mughal times. You should come to this restaurant and meet the tradition of the Lahore city through the delicious cuisine.

3. Cosa Nostra:

This eating place is one of the best places in Lahore to go if you are truly craving Italian dishes. The Cosa Notra restaurant is situated in the Gulberg, Lahore. The luxurious rated place has more than 100 cuisines combination menu, including dessert option. Likewise, you can order vegetable dishes, seafood, pasta, dairy items, chicken tantalizing dishes too. Trust it! This restaurant gives you the Italian experience in the Pakistan’s city Lahore. Your taste buds every time ask you about the Cosa Nostra next dinner plan.

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4. Monal Restaurant:

The Monal Restaurant, after touches sky in Islamabad, it started its work to become the delicious food place in Lahore.  This high rise building is giving the splendid view of the Lahore city from the top. Enjoy the great view along with all the amazing foods.

Perfectly, it is a fine option to have your lunch or dinner reservation. It menu book is renowned with the most eaten Pakistani dishes, as well as barbecue items, Asian dishes, and some amazing desserts too.

5. Café Pomelo:

If you are coming Lahore city through the domestic Serene Air Flight Booking, definitely, you will go for the shopping in the famous Packages Mall to buy something for your family or someone. During the shopping the hunger calls you, then where you will go outside? The bell rings. Café Pomelo welcomes you during the shopping in the Mall. You should go and treat yourself with the delicious Cashew nut chicken, Mongolian chicken.  

6. Bundhu Khan:

The Bundhu Khan in Lahore is one of the best food places where you should go this season to tantalize its taste. The well recognized chain of the food palace provides the mouthwatering hygienic food. The eating lovers, especially mutton and chicken must go there to the unique taste. In fact, you can also enjoy the Hi-Tea with the fine dinng. You will say Thank to this blog, after eating the delectable food.

7. Wasabi:

Wasabi in Lahore located in the Gulberg to provide the service to the locals or the visitors as well. This restaurant is at the peak of this season to give you Japanese taste through the buffet, Platter or the Hi-Tea. You should experience with the highest quality and perfect aroma. This place is quite famous among food lovers who love hanging out with friends to experience a taste of the new world.


The diverse cultural city of Pakistan has a great relationship with food culture. Every eatery is prepared in a traditional way that mouthwatering. A perfect blend of mixed spice with the meat add delicious aroma of mutton karahi to the temptation of fast food. The hub of food has everything to suit your taste buds from the traditional organic food to classic dhabas to high end fine dining that fall you in love with this city. You want to order your favorite foods and then end the night by grabbing two spoons and sharing a dessert.

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