Family-Friendly Places for Lahore to Dubai Travelers

Though there are hundreds of places in the world where you can spend an unforgettable time with your family, the charm and liveliness of Dubai is still unrivaled. The city has so many family-friendly spots that no other city can even think of competing with it. Whether you kids want to go to the water parks or are interested in playing the games on beaches, Dubai has got you covered.

Like the folks of other countries, people in Pakistan also love to enjoy their vacations in Dubai. They usually go with their families in a bid to quadruple their enjoyment. If you are from Lahore and want to please your kids, it is high time you book Lahore to Dubai flights and get ready to start the real fun.

1.    Legoland Water Park

This water park is designed for kids having ages between 2 to 12. It provides the families with pure thrill in from of rides and water slides, thereby offering them an epic adventure. It has over 20 water slides, each with a unique sort of fun.

Some of them go straight into water, whereas others have curvy paths. The wide array of fun activities offered here caters to all kinds of families.

2.    Dubai Aquarium

If you want to put a smile on your kids’ face, you should immediately take them to this miraculous Dubai Aquarium. This highly sophisticated in on the ground level of Dubai Mall. You and your kids would certainly feel surprised to know that this aquarium has a 10-million liter tank and houses over 33,000 marine creatures.

Obviously, you will get thrilled the moment you see the largest collection of tiger shark on earth. The kids can witness the shark attack inside the dark tunnels. Moreover, the little ones can enjoy climbing the frames, taking slides, and hanging the bridges.

3.    Burj Khalifa

Who knows nothing about Burj Khalifa? The tallest manmade structure on earth is certainly the most famous attraction in Dubai, for local and foreigners alike. There a number of guided tours on offering, especially for families. Through once such tour, you can go to the 125th floor of the building with your family and experience the panoramic view of the city.

The view you will see from this floor is incredible, stunning, mesmerizing and what not. Interestingly, if you book the tickets of a premium tour, you will be taken to 148th floor, where you will certainly be dazzled by the sheer impressiveness of city.

4.    Dubai Ice Rink

Though snow falling has nothing to do with Dubai because of the climate of city, there are still some indoor places where people can endure the joys of ice and snow. Dubai Ice Rink is one such place that provides the visitors an opportunity of dancing on the ice. The spot in located in the Dubai Mall and is open to the thrillers and skaters of all ages and abilities.

The instructions are given on all the curved corners. Teenagers and older kids can show-case their skating skills by moving rapidly on the icy ground. The feature of Emirates booking will make it easier for you to tour the city on a budget.

5.    Kite Beach

At Kite Beach, it is all about kids and the flying kites. In the beginning, it was only a huge swath of land where people would come to enjoy kite-flying. But now it has outdoor cafes, an adventure gym, and a lively Skate Park. Apart from kiting, you can also swim and collect shells.

Thereafter, you can go to a nearby food truck and enjoy the immensely delicious meal. While your kids are playing in the sand, you can sit back and take a look at the stunning Burj Al Arab. Usually, people throng the beach in summers in a bid to beat the heat. So, it is also advisable to come here in summer to fully immerse in it.

6.    Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay is a place to make new friend, i.e. dolphins. Regardless of your age, you are encouraged to come here and connected with socially friendly animals. The primary purpose of Dolphin bay is to educate the audience about the population of dolphins and the importance of preserving natural habitat. You and your kids will definitely love to touch the soft skin of dolphins and subsequently playing with them.

There is also a separate section here in which the trained dolphins are preserved. They are adept in ball games and know how to entertain the kids with their skills. To amplify your joy, you should visit and book the tickets for Dubai in Advance.

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