Top Five Ayeza Khan Pakistani Dramas You Will Love To Watch



Ayeza Khan is one of the famous actresses in Pakistan. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She plays many Pakistani Dramas. Riza Yilmaz is the father of Ayeza Khan. The behavior of Riza Yilmaz is very politeness. She has a younger sister Hiba Khan and two brothers Arham Khan and Wasif Khan. They are already the best actor in Pakistan. Karachi is one of the big cities of Pakistan therefore Karachi is called the city of lights. There are many beautiful actresses in Karachi which act a beautiful serial. But in this actress, the performance of Ayeza Khan is one of the best which is becoming a trend day by day all over Pakistan.

Ayeza Khan’s 1st time appear in Drama serial “Tum Jo Miley” in 2009. Ayeza Khan wins the hearts of many people through this drama. After watching this drama the fan following Ayeza Khan becomes strong that’s why she was famous in the drama industry.

Top Dramas list of Ayeza khan

  • Mere Pas Tum Ho
  • Koi Chand Rakh
  • Tum Kon Piya
  • Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hay
  • Adhoori Aurat

Mere Pass Tum Ho:

This serial of Mere Pass is released in 2019. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is the writer of this drama and Nadeem Baig is the director of this drama. In this Drama the name of Ayeza Khan was Mehwish and the name of Hamayun Saeed was Danish. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is of the best writer, he wrote a beautiful story of this drama. Mere Pass Tum Ho is the most popular drama of the ending of 2019 and staring in 2020. Mere Pass Tum Ho breaks all records of all previous dramas. Ayeza Khan plays a negative role in this drama; the story of this drama is old but is impressive. The new episode of this drama was creating suspense that’s why this drama brings a lot of entertainment in this drama industry. The overall performance of Ayeza Khan in this drama is grateful and gives a new lesson to our society people.

Koi Chand Rakh:

Ayeza Khan plays another beautiful roll in this koi Chand Rakh drama. The writer of this drama was a Maha Malik. She put a good and attractive story in this drama. This drama was released to 19 July 2018. Therefore this drama brings more viewers and a lot of love. In this drama, the name of Ayeza khan was a Dr. Rabail and plays the role of Doctor and the name of Imran Abbas was a Zain. Zain is not an active man and he loves to Rabail but due to misunderstanding leads, he fell in love with Nishaal. When Dr. Rabail tells to Zain that Nishaal is pregnant then Zain hates to Nishaal. So, you should not miss to this drama because this drama of Ayeza Khan also brings a lot of love and more viewers in drama industry.

Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hay:

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is also a writer of this drama and he has cast again a team to Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas in his drama. In this drama, Ayeza khan creates many emotional scenes, and the rating of this drama has become good. Therefore the ending of this drama Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hay was very tragic and took the best surprise for the viewers. 

Tum Kon Piya:

Tum Kon Piya is also a good drama of Ayeza khan. In this drama, Ayeza khan played an important role alongside Imran Abbas. Imran Abbas is a famous actor in Pakistan and he has work in many Pakistan dramas but “Khuda Ur Mohabbat” is one of the most beautiful dramas of Imran Abbas. If you loved Pakistani dramas and want to see more beautiful drama then you should not miss to Tum Kon Piya drama because the story of this drama is amazing.

Adhoori Aurat:

Adhoori Aurat is another beautiful Drama of Ayeza Khan. Furqan Khan is the director of this Drama and Samina Ajaz is the writer of this drama. In this Faisal Qureshi (Zayaan) play a negative role and he has hyper when Ayeza khan (Maryam) wins the hearts of many people due to his more love. If you don’t know the story then you should watch it for understanding a suspense story of this Adhoori Aurat. At the end of this drama, Maryam has forgiveness for Zayaan because Zayaan was apologizing to Maryam.


The summary of Ayeza Khan in Dramas is wonderful and she brings a lot of love and gives a good message to our society. The fan following Ayeza Khan is really loved because she was famous in the Pakistan Drama industry special after play a drama Mere Pass Tum Ho.

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