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What Is The Student Hub Portal And How To Login?

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The Student Hub Portal is a new way for students to connect with their university and get information about all sorts of things, like what courses they need to take in order to graduate. But did you know that it’s also possible for alumni and employers alike to find the perfect student through the Student Hub Portal? And if this isn’t enough, there are some great features on Student Hub where you can manage your financial aid or even register for upcoming events! If you want more information about Student Hub then read on – we’ll tell you everything you wanted (and more!)

What is the Student Hub Portal?

The Student Hub Portal is a booking center that enables students and recent graduates to book appointments, workshops, or events for services including Wellbeing; Book an appointment with counselors. Browse the directory of available support options such as counseling in order to find what suits you best!

The student hub portal is a commonly used phrase to describe the login page where students can provide their username and password in order to gain access to education organization’s programs.

The Purpose of the Student Hub Portal

The Student Hub Portal is a place where students can interact with each other, communicate with faculty and staff members, as well as use the tools needed to be successful in their online courses.

Faculty members also have access to Student Hub for various reasons such as communicating concerns about student work or adding group study resources.

Resources Available on Student Hub Portal

  • Student Resources
  • Student support services
  • Study groups and study rooms for group work.

Why You Should Use the Student Hub Portal?

The Student Hub Portal is a place where you can sign in and manage your student account. You can do many things through this portal such as:

  • Pay tuition fees, study abroad fee,s and other miscellaneous fees online
  • View your enrollment information and academic standing at any time of the year
  • Review course schedules, grades, or a list of classes taken
  • View your transcript
  • Publish a Student Directory Profile for employers to review and connect with you after graduation.

In order to access the Student Hub Portal, please log in using the following URL: If you don’t remember or know your ID number, please contact the Student Hub Portal administrator.

Logging In/Out of Your Account 

You can Log In/Out of Student Hub Portal by following these steps:

Click on the Student tab in the top menu bar. Then select Student Center from the drop-down list under the Student tab

Click Login Button to proceed

Additional Resources for Students in Student Hub Portal: 

Student Hub also provides access to Student Funding and Awards, Student Employment Opportunities. If you are a student looking for work opportunities on campus, be sure to check out the Student Jobs Board in your Student Center!

  • Student Job Postings

Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Hub Portal

What is Student Hub Portal?

The Student Hub portal provides you with access to your student information. It includes important communication from the Student Affairs Office, course enrollment and grade reporting tools, as well as advice on academics and financial aid. You are automatically registered for this site when you apply to study at UC San Diego Extension. If you’re a new student, Student Affairs will send you your Student Hub Portal login information via email after you’ve been admitted.

How do I log in to the Student Hub portal?

To log in to Student Hub for the first time: go directly to and click “Login” at top right. Enter your Student ID and Password.

If you forgot your Student ID or password, please email. Please provide the following information in the body of the message:

What are my login credentials?

Your student account login information consists of a student number and a password created by you when first enrolling. Student Affairs does not have access to your password and cannot reset it for you.

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