Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses and Celebrities Spotted At PISA Awards 2020

PISA Awards For Pakistani Actresses

Pakistan international screen award show 2020 happened on 7 February at Coca Cola Arena Dubai. The big names of Pakistani Media Industry and Famous Pakistani Actresses showed up the event. They show the culture of Pakistan’s latest fashion trend in Pakistan.

Beautiful Super Star Actress Mahira khan and Mera. The actress’s engaged in the fun on Friday at PISA Award Ceremony 2020. It was the very first time these award functions were conducted.

A lot of beautiful celebrities joined this event to make it success like Sara Khan, Rema, Momina Mustehsan, Mahira khan, Hira Mani, Imran Abbas, Ayesha Omer, Sana Javed, Zara Noor Abbas, Urwa Hussain, Adnan Siddique,  Sarwat Gilani, Sheheryar Munawar, and a lot more beautiful celebrities came to this event to make more beautiful.

Here we discuss most beautiful Pakistani actresses and actors spotted at PISA 2 awards 2020 who related with the showbiz industry, film industry, and drama industries. These all personalities made every show and event remarkable with their appearance by following the latest fashion trends in Pakistan

Pakistani Actresses Sarah Khan:

Sarah Khan looked Gorgeous, she is one of the most talented and respectful actresses of Pakistan entertainment industry. She had never been any controversies or fake rumors. Sarah gave her 100% to impress and satisfy her viewers, and for that, she earned massive popularity, love, and appreciation. Sarah Khan knows how to bump off at the award functions with her beautiful looks.  She wear a gorgeous green gown when she did the honors of opening the award ceremony with Pakistani National Anthem.

Adnan Siddique Pakistani Actor:

Adnan Siddique is also a charming and beautiful drama personality he wears sherwani at PISA 2020 award show. He was looking gorgeous and his dress was fit & suited on him. Now day’s people like him due to his hit drama serial.

Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan is a beautiful Pakistani model and actress who was looking gorgeous in PISA 2020 award show. She wears a beautiful dress which is designed by an international designer. She was looking simple but stylish and did an eye-catching outfit, she was looking stunning.

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Sheheryar Munawar:

Sheheryar Munawar is a beautiful male model who came PISA 2020 award show. He wore a simple black and white tuxedo. He went for a clean and basic look for the night. The white coat had a pattern and the rest of the articles of clothing were plain and simple.

Pakistani Actress Hira Mani:

Hira Mani is one of the most beautiful TV actresses she made her place in drama industries by her first debut in the drama industry. Nowadays she is more popular among the people due Her new hit drama serial mere pas tum ho. Her makeup and hairstyle enhance her beauty at the PISA award show. She wore a simple dress in PISA 2020. Hira Mani is new to these award functions and this is why she is exploring her styling and getting comfortable at the idea of making a statement. This time around her outfit was beautiful. It was a simple straight gown that she wears.

Imran Abbas:

Imran Abbas is a dashing and handsome model and actor who performed internationally and nationally as well. He is also a good Pakistani Actor in our drama industry.  He was looking smart in PISA 2020 awards, wear a black tuxedo but the article trend in fashion nowadays in Pakistan

Ayesha Omer Actress:

Ayesha Omer Pakistani actress who is a marvelous and elegant TV and film star. Ayesha Omer was looking gorgeous in PISA 2020 awards show with her unique style and Kuwaiti designed dress. She made a different hairstyle that is according to PK fashion trends and also wears a unique style jewelry everybody admiring her in PISA 2020 because she was looking so beautiful.

Sarwat Gilani:

Sarwat Gilani is also the beautiful and graceful personality of Pakistan. She wore a beautiful dress and was looking gorgeous. She picked a beautiful color of the dress and was looking awesome. She made marvelous hairstyle on PISA 2020 award show

Momina Mustehsan:

Momina Mustehsan another new charming and beautiful personality in showbiz. She is a good singer and actor as well although she didn’t act in any drama she performed in her songs very well. She wears a yellow dress in the PISA 2020 award show, her dress was not good but still, she was looking beautiful.

Zara Noor Abbas:

Zara Noor Abbas another beautiful actress, was looking smart and gorgeous in PISA 2020 award show. She wears a banarsai saree that makes her more graceful and charming.

Urwa Hocane:

Urwa Hocane is a stunning model, she is one of the most beautiful models who take part in PISA 2020. She wearing a princess dress and she looked gorgeous. Her outfit was stylish and simple with silver color.

Rema Khan:

She is old but you can say it is a gold superstar film actress in the Pakistan film industry, who attends the PISA 2020 award show. She was one of the most charming and beautiful personalities in the PISA 2020 award show. Rema was looking beautiful in a silver gown, she was wearing traditional accessories and her hairstyle was complimented.  That was a beautiful event with a lot off beautiful Pakistani celebrities spotted at Pakistan international screen awards show that was the first time held in Dubai.

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