Top 7 Places In London You Must Visit In 2021


If you are looking for the best Lahore to London flights to explore the beauty of London, then here is the list of the best places you must not skip.

Many renowned tourists consider London to be one of the most iconic cities in Europe and the whole world. So, this year, if you’re planning to book the best flights from Lahore to London, then you should create a list of the best places to take the enjoyment of your trip to the next level. From its modern vibe to futuristic architecture, you’ll be amazed by many things.

Not only does it amuse the tourists because of its modern atmosphere. But it offers some historical sites as well where you can feed the appetite of your old soul. So whether you’re visiting this fantastic city with PIA flights or any other airline, don’t forget to visit the following places.

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Big Ben

If you know about London just a little but then you would already know that Big Ben will be there somewhere in this list. After all, it’s a legendary monument of the city that every tourist must visit whenever s/he is booking Lahore to London flights. So it is entirely safe to say that most people imagine Big Ben whenever they hear the word London. In simple terms, it is firmly bound to the city, and the whole world knows it.

The height of the tower of Big Ben is 97 meters that feature a massive clock. The incredible beauty of the architecture and the atmosphere of this place will take your breath away.

London Eye

If you’re going for an online flight booking from Lahore to London with your kids, then the most important place that will allow you and your kids to enjoy the most is undoubtedly the London eye. It is one of the most popular Ferris wheels globally that you can see from miles. It was created back in 2000 to mark the millennium celebration in the city. Moreover, right from the day, it was first opened for the public, it became one of London’s most commonly visited tourist attractions.

If you are booking PIA online flights to London and planning to visit this Ferris Wheel, then there are certain things about it that you should know. At its peak, you will be at about 443 feet in height, allowing you to have some of the most astonishing and breathtaking views of the whole London city. A single ride of the London Eye lasts for about half an hour. And you can also opt for skip a line ticket if you’re in a hurry.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens are also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, and this place is truly heaven for all nature lovers. If you are one of those planning to book Lahore to London flights this year, you must pay a visit to this place. Here you will also be able to catch the sunshine that people from London rarely experience.

The Kew Gardens are located in the southwestern part of London on the River Thames banks. Moreover, they cover about 33 acres which makes it a perfect place for you to roam around with your family or friends. So whether you are visiting London by opting for PIA flights booking with your family or many friends, exploring this place is a visit.

National Gallery

If you were waiting for a place to visit in London. Where you can learn about the history of painting and artists, then National Gallery is that place. If you love art especially painting, visiting the National Gallery this year when you book the Best Lahore TO London Flights will be more than worthwhile. That’s because here, you’ll be provided with almost a complete European painting survey to 1920 from 1260.

Yes, you heard it right. So write this place down in your list that you will be visiting this year if you can book PIA flights. In the National Gallery, you’ll have the chance to witness the painting work by the world’s most famous painters. Such as Mars, Botticelli’s Venus, and Leonardo da Vinci.

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The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most sophisticated and delicate places. That you should also visit if you take flights from Lahore to London. Surprisingly, this place offers more than 13 million different items. Moreover, they cover everything from modern times to the ancient world. You’ll be more than amazed at this place, and we recommend you to visit this place every time you buy Lahore to London flights. That’s because you will learn something new every single time. This museum has come from different places and civilizations such as China, Europe, Babylonia, Assyria, and more.

Visit London City

James’ ParkIf you opt for Lahore to London online booking to visit the city with your kids, then St. James’ Park is the best place to spend some lovely and quality time with your family. If you imagine London without this park, then the city will not be the same. Its greenery and healthy atmosphere will allow you to spend a long time wandering around. And strolling, and you will not feel tired. In addition, there are different types of flowers in this garden that increase the level of your amusement and enjoyment. So, don’t forget this place while booking PIA flights.

Tower of London

Another great tourist attraction that you don’t want to miss in the city after reaching it with the best Lahore to London flights deal is the Tower of London. It is a world heritage site that has played multiple roles throughout history. It is, in fact, one of the most visited places in London, and if you are a photography lover. This place will allow you to capture some fantastic masterpieces. You can also have a great time with your friends at this place. And once done you can go to any nearby restaurant to eat delicious food.