Top 5 World’s Best Virtual Tours during the Pandemic


The coronavirus has affected the world in various ways, most especially in the tourism industry. Since people are not permitted to travel for leisure, they need to make do with staying in their homes’ safety. However, just because we cannot travel, we should still explore places that we could visit. Nowadays, experiencing a site doesn’t have to be physically present there. That is because a lot of the best tourist destinations have a Google virtual tour.

Many businesses create a virtual tour to continue to pique the interest of their customers. In the case of the tourism industry, tourist destination management teams also make a virtual tour. This is so people can explore the location even though all of us are in quarantine. If you wish to explore the world through a Google virtual tour, check out these top 5 world’s best virtual tours that you can explore during the pandemic.

#1 – Machu Picchu

If you are looking for a lush green virtual experience, you can check out the Machu Picchu virtual tour. Peru tourism managers create a virtual tour of one of the most visited tourist destinations of the country. It is also very well constructed with audio narration as if you are there with a tour guide explaining every scene you see. Located at the top of the Andes Mountains, all you need is to wear a VR headset and face an electric fan. You will like it as if you are there at Machu Picchu. Although this Google virtual tour is relatively short, it will undoubtedly give you the urge to visit Peru after the pandemic.

#2 – The Royal Academy of Arts

If you prefer to visit museums, you won’t feel left out. That is because the Royal Academy of Arts facilitators create a virtual tour called Sensing Space. In this virtual tour, you will experience checking out exhibitions of architectural designs. This Google virtual tour has even scenes inside the architectural structure as if the user is exploring the inside of the exhibit. This virtual tour exhibition showcased the importance of space in architectural designs. This VR world tour is more helpful for those who have an interest in architecture.

#3 – The Vatican

The Vatican is not only a place of worship for the Roman Catholics. It is also a place of religious art. For people to appreciate the art, the tourism managers of The Vatican create a virtual tour that showcases the famous spiritual skills. People can visit the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms as if they are at the Vatican. They can look at the artworks painted on the walls and ceilings and the chapels’ architectural design. Through this Google virtual tour, you can see digitally the paintings of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Rafael.

#4 – The Acropolis

Another ancient place that you can visit from the comfort of your home is the Acropolis. Located in the capital of Greece, a history lover will have a blast at Google virtual tour. They create a virtual tour of this historical place to showcase the Pantheon, which has been a center of Greek history and their religious affiliations and mythologies. Furthermore, this VR tour has 360 videos that will surely make your virtual tour experience a memorable one that you can keep coming back to.

#5 – Palace of Versailles

If you like to know how Marie Antoinette lived her life. You can take a visit to the Palace of Versailles in France. However, since you cannot travel there to look at the historical palace. You can do so through the Google virtual tour. The French historical agents create a virtual tour of Versailles’ Palace. So people can virtually explore the famed Hall of Mirrors. They can also check out the magnificent gardens of the palace and the fountains they had. Furthermore, through the virtual tour, you can check out the 18,000 pieces of art arranged everywhere in the Palace of Versailles’ digital replica.

Discover more virtual tours

These are only a few of the most popular virtual tours in the whole world. With the emergence of Google virtual tour, more and more businesses create a virtual tour, especially those in the tourism industry. Although tourists can’t visit these places in real life right now, they will eventually once the pandemic subsides. If you are looking to create a virtual tour for yourself. You can make one or have a professional as Digital Solutions do it for you. Come and visit the Digital Solutions’ website to know more about their VR tour creation services.